How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress

When you’re working on a WordPress website for quite some time, you may find yourself recreating the same part of post or page. You might wish you just duplicate those pages or posts. Good news is you can do that within one simple click with the power of additional plugin.

Why do I need to Duplicate my Page or Post?

Most modern WordPress theme comes with a page builder plugin such as Elementor, Visual Bakery, or Beaver Builder. Those plugins are extremely robust and useful when it comes to building a layout. At WPExec we are using Elementor Pro and we use some pre-made layout regularly. Instead of spending time recreating the same layout for each every post we create, we use the Duplicate Post plugin to help us speed up the development time.

3 Plugins for Duplicating Post and Page

There are three plugins that we recommend; Duplicate Post, Duplicate Page and Post Duplicator.

Duplicate Post Plugin

This is a plugin that we use at WPExec. Duplicate Post plugin allows you to make a duplicate version of any posts of any type.

Plugin Features

  • Works with Posts and Pages.
  • One-click clone in Edit Posts and Edit Pages.
  • Bulk clone by multiple select posts or page and use Bulk Actions to clone all at once.
  • Create a new draft in Post/Page editor screen.
  • A button in admin bar to quickly duplicate post as a new draft when logged in and viewing the post or page
  • Template tag for a developer for theme integration to create a quick link to duplicate the current post or page

Here is the download link for Duplicate Post Plugin

Duplicate Page Plugin

There are free and pro editions of Duplicate Page plugin. In a free version, you are able to duplicate posts, page and custom post as the first plugin.

Duplicate Page Pro Features

  • Define specific user roles allow to use the duplicator.
  • Set post types to show a duplicate link.
  • Customizable clone link location.
  • Ability to set the duplicated post status.
  • Option to change the clone link title.
  • Support Post Prefix and Post Suffix when duplicate.

Here is a Download link for Duplicate Page Plugin

Post Duplicator Plugin

This plugin allows you to create an exact version of selected posts, pages, custom post types, custom taxonomies or custom fields. A pretty simple and straightforward plugin for post duplication.

Post Duplicator Plugin Features

  • Option to set Post Status.
  • Option to set Post Date to Duplicate Timestamp, Current Time or Offset by days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Here is a Download link for Post Duplicator Plugin

If you can decide which one to go for, we recommend the Duplicate Post Plugin.

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