How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress Post or Page

What is Google Form?

Forms are crucial and a must-have tool for running a business online. Google Forms is one of the Google apps suites that help you to quickly create a free online form for any purpose. It is easy to operate and packed with robust features. The form can also be shared across the internet by link, email or even embed on the website. Every response can automatically record to Google Spreadsheet.

Different between Google Form and others WordPress Form Plugins

WordPress has a bunch of form builder plugins available in their plugin repository. Most of the plugins can directly record the form’s response to WordPress admin area, which is convenient. However, there will be a time that you need to gather response from different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and even direct link. The WordPress form plugin wouldn’t be the best option to gather data from multiple channels. That’s when Google Form comes in.

How to Embed Google Form in WordPress

First of all, go to a Google Form website. Create a new form, if you haven’t already had one.

Create a Google Form

You can either choose from templates or build your own by clicking the Blank under the Plus Icon

Make sure you fill in the necessary information such as title and description.

I’ll add couple more form fields by clicking on the Add New Form Field for testing purposes.

Get Embed Code

After you have completed building your form, find a Send button on the top right corner and click on it.

The send form popup windows will appear

Locate the Bracket icon and click

You will then get the form HTML embeddable code with width and height configurations.

Click Copy and head back to your WordPress admin area

Add to WordPress Post or Page

When you’re back at WordPress admin area go to a specific post or page that you wish to embed Google Form.

On the editing page, locate a Text tab in your editor

Insert your embed code anywhere you wish to insert

Save or update your changes.

View your post on the website to verify that your Google Form is successfully embedded.

Google Form Demo

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